Tour Talk - Jordan

Live from Jordan!

Hey Guys, welcome to this weeks tour talk. Its going to be a little bit different this week. Me and Mitchell were actually just in Israel so we shot live on location a couple times, so check it out! 

Hey everybody thanks for tuning in to this week’s tour talk. Right now we’re at the end of the first day of the Jordan extension. We’re here at Petra for the overnight. This first day has been awesome. We got to cross over from Jerusalem this morning over the Allenby Bridge. First thing, we went up to Mount Nebo and got to see this great panoramic view of the Jordan River Valley. You can see for miles its beautiful, great view from up there on Mount Nebo. Then we took our time going further into Jordan and went down to Madaba, where we saw a very old church with some beautiful mosaics. We learned a lot about mosaics today. We got to see a cool store that had them as well. 

Yeah we actually got to sit there and watch some people making them (mosaics) and kinda see how the process is done and see the end products as well. One of the things thats really popular is the art thing, its like the sand jar and yo get to see them actually make it. Its a picture of Jordan or something or you can even get your name in one and they actually make it with the sand, you can watch them do it. Its pretty cool.

That was neat! There was kinda a demonstration that we got to see so, its been really awesome to see a lot of really cool things. Stay tuned in for the rest of this video for us to go through that and we’ll see you then.

Alright, welcome back. We’re on day two of the extension here in Jordan. We’re standing her in the middle of Petra right now. Its been a really awesome day so far, we’ve been really busy. We had a pretty good walk in here. We got to do a see a lot of beautiful rock formations as you can see behind and just everywhere is really beautiful. All of the awesome intricate carvings, and you can see the tombs there. Yeah, its a bit of a walk but its been worth it. Its been awesome so far. 

Its been an outstanding day. Little bit of a hike like you said, but it is so worth it. Just getting to see the amazing architecture dating back thousands of years, its just unbelievable. We’ve had a blast and we definitely think you would to. This extension has been well worth the time, and we’re looking forward to the rest of it. We still got plenty to go, this is just day 2. 

Alright, and for our last day unfortunately we didn’t have time to shoot anything while we were there, but it was an awesome day as well. We went to Jerash and saw the ruins there. Then we crossed back into Israel and then headed home after that. You should definitely check out doing a Petra extension at some point if you have already been to Israel go again and go do the Jordan extension because it is awesome and a great experience. Also, down forget about signing up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already, theres’ going to be a link below the video here. Go ahead and sign up for that, thats  going to get you in the running our free giveaway for an engraved Yeti that has our name and logo on it. So go and sign up for that if you haven’t. Thanks for watching.

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