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Experience unparalleled customer service, flexible booking options, and tailor-made tours with Travel with Friends, setting the gold standard for Christian travel companies.

Embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and camaraderie with Travel with Friends, where we strive to foster a deep connection with God through meaningful travel experiences. Immerse yourself in the footsteps and teachings of Christ, enriching your understanding and reverence for the gospel. Whether you seek to explore Biblical sites or venture to breathtaking destinations worldwide, Travel with Friends offers dependable, personalized Christian tours and versatile tour packages. At Travel with Friends, we treat you like one of our own. 


Traveling with us is like traveling with friends.


"Being born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel I have been impacted by tourism all my life. Being from such a prominent place that attracts millions of people I've seen the good and bad of tourism. I knew that people came to the Holy Land to experience something inspiring and life changing. That's why I wanted to provide an experience unlike any other. An experience that truly makes the lives of our travelers change for the better."

~Louie |Founder & CEO|


With a legacy spanning over two decades, Travel with Friends has been synonymous with exceptional service and adaptability. Our paramount objective is to transform lives, and we ensure a seamless process for you every step of the way. With dedicated staff in the U.S., Israel, and Europe, our expert agents handle all aspects of your journey, from flight arrangements and accommodations to ground transportation and excursions. Explore our website to discover the user-friendly tools and resources designed to make your travel experience effortless and enjoyable from start to finish.


As you can see we love changing lives. Here's what one of our travelers had to say.

The Travel was superb! The team made the trip a wonderful experience. The amount of places we viewed were exceptionally incredible. This was a trip of a lifetime. Would recommend it to everyone.

~ Mayela Kreiner


Let us help you make the most of your travel. Travel with Friends has been blessed, and we want to return the love and passion we feel with a trip of a lifetime and quality customer service for all of our friends.

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