What Not To Do While In Israel

by Mitchell Jensen

Traveling to Israel can allow you to see the Mediterranean Sea, many beautiful beaches, and the holiest sites of the Bible. It is a picturesque place where you can experience some of the most important Biblical places. But all travelers are wise to be cautious. It is essential to remember what not to do when traveling in Israel for safety and respect to the host country. Even though you are with your group and a trusted guide, there are local dangers that you would encounter in any place in the world. You will want to be prepared for your trip to the Holy Land by becoming aware of things to avoid doing.

When traveling in Israel, there are several things you should avoid as a foreign visitor:

Refrain From Talking About Politics or Religion

Israel is a land steeped in history and tradition for several religious sects. Even if you are traveling with a church group, it is best not to bring up politics or religious topics with strangers or even your travel companions while in the company of others. This is a basic rule of polite conduct that makes even more sense in a foreign place.

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Do Not Forget to Drink Water

The climate can be surprisingly challenging for you to adjust to, mainly if you are hailing from a humid hometown. Be sure always to carry a water bottle and refill it at every opportunity. Drink plenty of water to avoid the ill effects of the hot, dry, desert climate–no matter what time of year you are visiting. This isn’t summer-only advice, folks. Be careful with your health while you are traveling. That’s just good common sense.

Do Not Leave Your Group or Your Guide

Israel is a safe country to travel to; however, we recommend staying with your group. Your group’s trip has been carefully planned to allow you to visit several Biblical holy sites, so you’ll have plenty to do while you’re here. Resist the temptation to break off and explore on your own. You might become separated from your group, which is a worst-case scenario for any traveler.

Do Not Dress Immodestly

Even though it may be hot, it is essential to cover your knees and shoulders when entering a church, synagogue, or mosque. It is also necessary to dress modestly when visiting the Temple Mount, the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, or walking through an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

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Do Not Hitchhike Alone

When you travel in Israel, do not hitchhike alone or without talking to your guide for any reason. Your guide will ensure that your group only travels according to the plans you made ahead of time. As noted above, you never want to leave your group or your guide and travel alone or hitchhike in Israel. Israel can be a very safe place to travel, but due to the nature of local tensions, it is important to be fully aware of your surroundings and current events. Your guides are extremely experienced in that regard and will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your group.

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