How To Register For A Tour

Need assistance registering for your tour? Watch this walk-through video for help. We're excited to travel with you!
How to Apply for a Passport

How to Apply for a Passport

Need help starting the process of aquiring a passport? Start here!

Experience the Holy Land with Friends

Experience the Holy Land with Friends!

Walk in the Footsteps of Paul with Friends

Host Testimonials: John Utley

Travel with Friends: It's in the name! ...

Host Testiominals: Michael Turner

We loved traveling to the Holy Land with Pastor Michael Turner from Advent UMC in Greenville! ...

Host Testimonials: Dennis Sempebwa

Traveler Testimonials: Debbie Black

Curious what our travelers have to say about traveling with Friends? ...

Travel with Friends to Italy

Holy Land testimonials

Hear from some of our travelers about how they were impacted by going on one of our Holy Land tours.
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